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Principles of commercial kitchen water facilities

2020-09-05 | 1684

Due to the special technical requirements and actual situation of commercial kitchens, the design and construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant specifications, and the design should be carried out according to the actual environmental conditions. The design should ensure reliable, safe, efficient and practical indicators. The design of water supply and drainage facilities for commercial kitchens should follow the following guidelines:

1. Technical contact

The construction and transformation of commercial kitchen should do a good job in technical connection. The water flow and location of commercial kitchen must be designed according to the layout of kitchen equipment. Kitchen planners and users should put forward design requirements as soon as possible, and complete the kitchen layout design as soon as possible, so that designers can design according to the equipment layout.

2. Professional design

For the general small and medium-sized restaurants, most of them are transformed from existing houses, and most of the renovation projects have incomparable infrastructure problems. If only based on experience, the kitchen will be slightly better, more water flow problems and pipe layout.

3. Fine design

In the design of water supply and drainage facilities for commercial kitchens, the relationship between specific points and other pipelines should be considered to improve the precision as much as possible, and the detailed design should be carried out according to the relevant national and local standards. It can be said that the construction has brought great convenience.


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