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How to choose the right refrigerator

2020-09-05 | 1434

With the temperature rising slowly, it is very important to have a refrigerator at home. Choosing a good refrigerator can save water and electricity charges, which is of great applicability.

Hello everyone! Seeing the temperature warming, many people want to change a refrigerator and put some cold food or ice cream. They can also be very happy in summer. Because many friends have asked about the problem of this choice, today, we will talk about the system software, which refrigerators are not recommended to buy, and which aspects are more important.

The first thing I said was that I didn't recommend buying them. After I bought them, I would find them more and more difficult to use. Therefore, we must pay more attention to them. First: second hand, refrigerators are different from other household appliances. They are larger in size, and have higher transportation requirements. It is very likely that we don't know. It must be transported in the same way as the application. It should be placed vertically. If it is placed horizontally or vertically, it is very easy to be uncooled. Therefore, it is possible that the outer packing box of the second-hand refrigerator is early It has been discarded, and after a long period of transportation, to tell the truth, it can not guarantee the quality and quantity and the service life. And now the price of new products is not as expensive as it was many years ago. You can buy new products. There is no need to buy second-hand ones.

Second: small refrigerators. Recently, we should have a deep feeling about how convenient it is to have a big refrigerator. All kinds of food can be conveniently put into the refrigerator. There is no need to cram it. There is no need to worry about buying too many things and not putting them. We can buy more food in the context of theme activities and prepare more varieties in advance.

Although it is said that small ones save more indoor space, lower prices and electricity consumption, today's people should pay more attention to the balance of nutrients. In addition, the food is rich and colorful, so that they can eat more items. In fact, it is very worthwhile to invest in more projects. Therefore, it is not easy to feel big when buying a larger one for the families of elderly people and children.

There are also several aspects that we must pay attention to when we talk about buying. This will harm the application. First: energy consumption level. The lower the level data, the better. The lower the level data, the more energy-saving. Of course, this kind of price is also relatively high. If you pay more attention to cost performance, this can be ignored. If you pay more attention to energy saving in application, you should pay more attention to this.

Second: air cooling or direct cooling, this simple saying is that direct cooling is very easy to frost, but the foundation of air cooling is not easy. This group should know that if you want to save energy and reduce frost, you should first choose air cooling, although there is no big difference in the actual effect of refrigeration.

Third: can it be frozen? It's a good thing to put the dumplings in the refrigerator and eat them later. However, the general refrigeration speed is relatively slow. The frozen dumplings are not delicious, so you should refrigerate them quickly. If you have to, you should buy one with freezing effect.

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