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Advantages of commercial kitchen equipment

2020-09-05 | 1371

In recent years, with the increasingly high kitchen regulations of Ming restaurants, in order to control the cost, the upgrading of kitchen equipment has become faster and faster. Among them, the commercial induction cooker / cooker has already become a new favorite of restaurants, canteens, hotel restaurants, government institutions, colleges and universities. So why are induction cookers / cookers more and more popular? In addition to safety, environmental protection, environmental protection and energy saving, it also has the advantages of high thermal efficiency and fast heating.

1、 Commodity principle

Commercial induction cooker / cooker is a new kind of stove in the market of kitchen products sales. It gets rid of the traditional cooking method of using fire and selects the best magnetic induction eddy current heating principle. That is, when the current is generated according to the electromagnetic coil, and the magnetic line of force in the magnetic field is based on the bottom of the iron containing pot, it will cause thousands of small eddy currents, making the pot self-reliance and high-speed Heat, and then heat the ingredients in the pot.

2、 Key technical parameters and index values of commodities

1. Basic principle of magnetic induction eddy current selection for commercial induction cooker / cooker

The alternating magnetic field is produced by using high frequency (20-40 kHz) current according to the annular electromagnetic coil. When the magnetic line of force in the magnetic field is in accordance with the bottom end of the pot, it will cause thousands of small eddy currents, which will make the pot itself scald at high speed to warm the food in the pot.

2. Rated current: 380V, 220V

3. Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz

4. Regulations on the application of raw materials for induction cooker / cooker

Because the non-magnetic raw materials can not reasonably pile up magnetic lines of force, basically can not produce eddy current, thus the foundation

It can't create energy. In addition, because of its high resistance, the permanent magnet material with very poor conductivity will not generate much heat (P = 1R). Therefore, the raw materials used in induction cooker / cooker are iron standard materials with good electrical conductivity, and some are aluminum alloys and composite materials. Generally used in induction cooker / stove are: cast iron, A3 frying pan, stainless steel 201 pot, etc.

3、 Analysis of safety products

Because the heating ring of induction cooker / cooker has magnetic strip array, and the pot body absorbs and absorbs magnetic lines of force, and is shielded by plastic shell, the leakage radiation source is very low, which is not easy to cause damage to the body!

Today, I share with you the principles and advantages of commercial induction cooker / cooker in canteen. I hope that we can help those who have to.

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