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Automated Hotel kitchenware is the choice of the future

2020-09-05 | 1427

Now there are many large-scale fast-food chain stores are more inclined to use hotel automatic kitchen utensils, because the advantages of this kitchen are consistent distribution, but also through assembly, production, price control, improve the added value of products, so that enterprises can make profits.

Because the way restaurants used to buy goods was that all fresh vegetables, except dry goods, were purchased by a single store in a direct store. Compared with the traditional distribution mode, the central kitchen distribution mode will save about 30% of the cost, and the procurement, selection, chopping, seasoning and other links are dedicated.

The semi-finished products and seasonings will be delivered to the branch in the same way within the specified time. The central kitchen serves as the end of meeting food, semi product production, and is distributed to the restaurant industry.

In terms of economic benefits, the planning of central kitchen production can reduce the operating costs of catering enterprises. In recent years, due to the increase of labor cost and rent and more and more strict supervision, there is no more explanation for the cost pressure faced by catering and hotel enterprises. Net processing of vegetables can reduce the labor cost of catering enterprises, reduce the operating area, and then achieve intangible benefits.

The advantage of central kitchen is that after unified planning and acquisition, the quality and price of finished dishes are very good, and the price is also very cheap. Moreover, with the increase of demand, the purchase quantity is also greatly increased. In order to reduce the risk of food safety and form an intensive and standardized management mode, the requirements of central kitchen for purchasing materials are also increasing.